A Boy, a Lemonade Stand and a Library Donation

Eli Goldfine loves the Larchmont library. The enthusiastic six-year old with, who moved with his parents and younger sister, Nina,  to Larchmont last year, goes there every week to attend its Stories and Crafts program and check out books. 

“I read every night,” he said, proudly displaying his recent check-outs, such as “Princess Pink and the Land of Fake-Believe,” and “Monkey&Robot”.  He has also enjoyed other library activities, such as the Stuffed Animal Sleepover – he not only brought his own but one for Nina, who was too young to participate.

So, Eli decided he wanted to give something back to the library and with his young cousins, Leo and Ella, who live in Manhattan, he decided he would have a one-day lemonade stand and donate all the proceeds to the library. 

“We do it for three hours, but we usually take breaks,” Eli said. “usually two people want to stand.”

Last year, said Eli (who has a memory for dates and numbers far superior to those of us past middle-age), he raised $52, which he donated directly to the library. This year, it was $189.25 sent to the Friends of the Larchmont Library (the lemonade stand raised about the same amount both years, but the second year Eli’s grandmother was a significant benefactor.) 

"We are grateful for any donation to the library, however the work that Eli put in to raise money for programs in the Children's Room is truly extraordinary,” said Laura Eckley, library director. “This is the second year Eli has donated the proceeds of his lemonade stand to LPL and we are delighted that he is such an enthusiastic library user and donor."

Eli’s parents, Lisa and Evan, have also been generous contributors to the Friends of the Larchmont Library. 

Eli has such a passion for the library that he collects flyers advertising its programs and other events and keeps them in a folder. He has about a year’s worth.

Besides reading, he loves playing chess and takes regular lessons; he also enjoys science and art.  

Eli already has plans to raise money for the library stand through his lemonade stand next year, he said.

In fact, he promised, “we’re going to do it every year.”

Jessica Bonet